Two Guys and Some Oregano

From their early days as spice merchants selling seasonings and spice blends to restaurants, our founders never settled for good enough. When they discovered that in many restaurants soup was an afterthought, they set out on a mission to make really good soup and broth. Now, their mission to be undeniably better than “good enough” applies not only to our soup, but everything we do.

Our Story

It all started in 1997 when our founders realized good soup was hard to find and that no other food soothes the soul quite like soup. The two set out on a mission to create good, really good soup from only the best quality ingredients – creating 100’s of recipes.

Soup that Soothes the Soul

The first location opened its doors as Zoup! Fresh Soup Company in Southfield, MI., 1997. Offering 12 new soups every day, each served with a big hunk of bread, the founders confirmed what they suspected all along – that there was a strong demand for the kind of fresh and authentic soup that people love, but seldom have time to prepare.

Sorry Soup, There’s Been a Change of Plans

Quickly, Zoup! Fresh Soup Company grew to offer more than just soup. With the introduction of fresh baked ciabatta bread and good greens, comforting sandwiches and fresh salads were added as full-time menu offerings.

The Warm Feelings Are Mutual

Zoup!’s first franchise location opened in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2003. The company began building a support team and cultural foundation for a growing franchise system.