We weren’t born with a silver soup spoon in our mouth. It started in 1997 with two spice merchants who shared a love for soul-soothing soup. They believed that soup should be celebrated — and that clean, nutritious ingredients should be the norm. They called it Zoup!

Today, we’re Z!Eats.

We work hard to be better than “good enough” and we mix that passion into everything we do. It’s an energizing vibe that comes from knowing you are enjoying the finest ingredients without sacrificing flavor. You do not compromise, and neither do we.

It’s food with feeling.

We slice, dice, and entice with a creative flare that dazzles your taste buds and energizes your soul. You can taste it in our warm comforting soups, crisp & refreshing salads, sandwiches and zesty flatbreads.

We hold ourselves to a high standard and we’re never content until our guests are zatisfied in every way. Our menu is as diverse and evolving as your palate. We want you to be happy and inspired. We want to you to feel welcome and then some. In other words, you can always count on us for everything you need to be zatisfied.


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